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No Gimmicks, no Trends, no Sales Desk. Our gym is for training and getting results, not sales pitches.


We have learned through our experience, knowledge and love for strength & conditioning to honor the individual and the collective in their fitness journey in the long run. TEACHING, LEARNING, MOVING and CREATING – these are not just words denominating actions, but our foundations, goalposts and guidelines to honor and remain true to our values.

Fitness isn’t a one size fits all. Whether you’re aiming to outlive a tortoise or become the Hulk, we’ve got you covered. From lifting heavy stuff to looking swole, we’ve got all your fitness needs sorted here.

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If your objective is to improve general health and fitness for longevity or would like to explore specific training like Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Functional Fitness, Bodybuilding, Strongman or other Strength and Conditioning purposes, then we’ve got your back.

Individual design

Individual design honors the individuality of a client’s movement, nutrition, lifestyle, and intent. Clients receive personalized programs each week from their dedicated coach along with monthly consultations and assessments to track progress. Although clients are coached individually, they train in a safe and fun community environment while always having the support of a coach on the floor.

Personalized Training Plan
Personalized Weekly Workouts
Nutritional Guidance
Lifestyle Coaching
Ongoing Support
Regular Assessments
Goal Tracking
Holistic Approach

Group training

Pain (and fun) is better when shared. All jokes aside, training alongside a community can make achieving your goals easier and more fun. All our classes are done in a small group (maximum 6 people), under the watchful gaze of one of our knowledgeable coaches.

Strength & conditioning

A basic program that’s like the PB&J sandwich of workouts – it’s got all your main compound lifts (strength) with a sprinkle of aerobic, power, and core work for flavor. It’s the perfect recipe to learn, build, or maintain those gains while keeping things interesting!


Improving general physical preparedness using functional fitness combined with bodybuilding, using the OPEX methods. Great if you want to be prepared for anything life throws your way. Look good, feel strong, and conquer the daily grind like a boss.


Gym & group training

Gym access

Access to our group training classes (small group training)

Access to 4 on-going training programs

starting from 350 RON/month*

Individual design

Personalized programing (training program, nutrition and lifestyle guidelines)

Based on a comprehensive initial assessment

Periodized training plan

Easy contact with a dedicated coach (through CoachRx app)

On-floor coaching

Gym access is included

Schedule an initial consultation using the contact form at the end of this page or by contacting us on WhatsApp
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Technique session

1-1 session with one of our coaches

Work closely with a coach on one or more movements/skills you want to develop

Useful if you need a closer eye on your technique

With a time limit of 75 minutes

Please contact beforehand to schedule an appointment (using the contact form at the end of this page or by contacting us on WhatsApp)

Includes a 1 day pass

350 RON/session
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Nutrition only

coming soon

Where gains happen

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